Sep 5, 2014

The Battleworld Machine and Venom Symbiote Origin Mysteries

Ever wondered what the truth was behind the symbiote we now know as Venom's story in Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars? A machine that was used to fix suits and create different material objects was also home to a parasite we know and love, but could it have been a costume from a previous owner? Could it have been a scientific manipulation of the symbiotes' very existence?!

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The issue that introduced it all in the May of 1984 (The Amazing Spider-Man 252) had a cover which left most in wonder of what exactly Spider-Man was wearing and where it came from. Spider-Man was getting a revamp in the mid '80s with new and exciting stories and. most of all. new threads and powers. The suit gave Spider-Man enhanced abilities and allowed Peter to accomplish things he could not imagine. In 1984, after the release of this land mark issue, started an event by Marvel simply known as Secret Wars. Little did the Marvel world know that this series would eventually go on to explain where the black suit had originated from only a few months later.

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In this random origin story, a long battle takes place between Earth's Mightiest Heroes to defeat the likes of Doctor Doom, Doc Ock, Galactus, Enchantress, and many more. A war has erupted on this mysterious alien land and "Amid the Chaos, there comes a costume!" After losing his helmet and ripping his costume in battle, Thor visits a machine which replaced his costume. Spider-Man notices his own suit being shredded, so after talking with Thor, he learned to use the mysterious machine to fix and replace pieces of his outfit. What came next was of complete mystery to the web head and thus the symbiote was born.

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Now for some clarity, this machine was home to what we now know as the Venom symbiote, but what exactly was the symbiote doing inside the machine and how did it get there? Some ideas I have come up with may shed some light on the whole situation. Is it possible that the symbiote had somehow managed to trap itself in the machine? It could have very well accidentally stumbled onto this alien world attached to a ship and found itself waiting for its next victim to latch onto and bond with by hiding within the machine.

For scenario number two, could the symbiote have been attached to a previous host who brought it here and this was a alternate costume for the individual? The idea that it could be the Beyonder's secret suit or weapon is plausible, in which he scientifically broke down the uses for the symbiote and learned to somehow control it. Does the Venom symbiote have a more involved past than we thought?

Finally, could it have been a project that was being worked on to develop weapons and create new matter through manipulation? The symbiote has the power to shape-shift, so why would an economical use for it be unlikely? This leads me to believe also that there could very well be more of these machines and civilizations using symbiotes to develop their armies and/or worlds.

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What can you conclude from this? Have some ideas on his origin of your own?
Feel free to share in the comment section and let me know some alternate ideas for where this story of the machine was going.

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