Aug 29, 2014

Symbiote September 2014

Hello Venomaniacs, Carnage Kids, and symbiote fans of all shapes and sizes! I am pleased to officially announce the commencement of the second annual Symbiote September art challenge. What is Symbiote September? I'm glad you asked.

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I started Symbiote September last year as an effort to increase symbiote fan community interaction by creating a month-long artistic endeavor in which participants draw an assigned symbiote character each day through the month of September using deviantART's excellent social media/portfolio platform for artists. We had a small turnout last year, as was expected, but everyone who participated had a ton of fun drawing their favorite symbiote characters and getting a chance to flex their creative muscles by making new symbiotes.

This year I'm continuing the new tradition and expanding upon it. Last year's daily character roster focused on getting into the swing of Symbiote September by drawing and illustrating fan favorite characters from the Marvel Universe. This time around, we'll be diving into the creative realm and design brand-new characters and symbiotizing other characters outside of the Marvel Universe. Again, we're retaining the one character per day format and utilizing deviantART as the primary art submission platform, but this time Symbiote September will be expanding to Tumblr as well.
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Also, Symbiote September will again be divided into two functions: the Challenge and the Contest. The Challenge is open to everyone who'd like to participate in Symbiote September at a casual capacity—meaning you can participate on whichever days you'd like. The Contest, however, is reserved to those artists who are serious in completing every day of the challenge within the time constraints for the honor of having his/her art judged by the community against his/her peers. What will you be competing for? How about having YOUR art featured on A Dose of Venom and officially recognized by The Venom Site? Sounds cool but not quite substantial, right? Try on a digital comics prize package, then! Read the rules and details for both the Challenge and the Contest below to get the full details on participation and qualification!

THE RULES (For the Challenge)

The rules of the Challenge are simple:
Participate in the Symbiote September art challenge and contest for a chance to win digital comics prize packages
Symbiote September 2014
schedule preview
  • Check the SM-WoS-FanClub group blog on deviantART or the Symbiote September Tumblr page for information on each day's featured character.
  • Sketch, draw, or illustrate the character assigned to each day.
  • Scan/take a picture of your creation.
  • Upload it before 11:59 p.m. PST* on the assigned day to:
    • deviantART: Title your new deviation "Symbiote September 2014 - Day __". Submit your deviation to the "Symbiote September 2014 Challenge" favorites collection of the SM-WoS-FanClub group. (Note: The Challenge collection allows for only 1 submission per day, per deviant. If there is a mistake or you require special arrangements, contact me via a note.)
    • Tumblr: Submit your piece as a new picture/photo upload and tag it with the hashtag #SymbioteSeptember2014 (make sure you type it exactly as it's written here!), and link it to the @thevenomsite and Symbiote September Tumblr blogs for extra exposure.
If you need a visual reference of each Marvel symbiote character, visit my Venom Family Tree deviation, Comic Vine, and the Marvel Database Wikia.

*The deadline is important for those competing in the Contest. Read past the prize listings below for more information on the deadline and how it affects you.

THE RULES (For the Contest)

The rules for the Contest are the same for the Challenge, except:
  • To qualify, you must submit all 30 character submissions during September—one for each day. 
  • Upload them to:
    • deviantART: Instead of submitting only to the aforementioned favorites collection, you will also need to submit your entries to the "Symbiote September 2014 Contest" gallery folder at SM-WoS-FanClub. (Note: You do not need to be a member of the group to submit to this folder; however, membership requests are always welcome. Also, just like the Challenge collection, the Contest folder allows for only 1 submission per day, per deviant.)
    • Tumblr: Include in your picture description, "For the Symbiote September 2014 Contest." This note will help us determine which art pieces are to be included in the feature polls.
Each day, the community will vote on the previous day's Contest entries to choose the best illustration of each day. The polls will remain open until seven days after the end of the Contest on September 30, 2014. Contestants may vote in the polls, but if you are competing, please do not abuse this privilege (i.e. creating multiple accounts and voting for your entries). Once a list of the top 30 entries has been compiled from the poll results, a panel of judges—including myself (OrionSTARB0Y) and The Venom Site—will pick two winning entries from two separate contestants for Grand Prize and the Honorable Mention Prize. What are the prizes? Here's the low-down:

One (1) GRAND PRIZE winner will receive:
  • Their winning piece featured on a special article on The Venom Site's own A Dose of Venom blog, plus the winner's autobiographical statement alongside their piece.
  • A digital comics prize package, including:
    • Official Marvel digital download codes for the complete 3-part Axis: Carnage series debuting in October (redeemable through and awarded per day of release).
    • The complete Venom: Lethal Protector series on Comixology (gifted to the winner's provided email address within seven days of the winners announcement).
One (1) HONORABLE MENTION PRIZE winner will receive:
  • Their winning piece featured on a special article on The Venom Site's own A Dose of Venom blog, plus the winner's autobiographical statement alongside their piece.
  • The complete 3-part Axis: Carnage series debuting in October on Comixology (gifted to the winner's provided email address upon each release date).
To be eligible for the prizes, you MUST draw each and every day in September within the previously mentioned parameters. Contestants must submit their entries before the daily deadline of 11:59 p.m. PST to qualify; those who are only taking the Challenge and are not competing for the prizes can upload their drawings after the deadline if they are unable to upload their drawings before then. If you are only taking the Challenge and cannot make the deadline, don't sweat it! If you're competing in the Contest and for some reason cannot upload your entry before the deadline, you will need to contact me via deviantART or Twitter (@OrionSTARB0Y) so we can make arrangements.

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That's it! That is Symbiote September for you. Excited to get drawing? Are you gunning for those excellent prize packages? Tell us below in the comments section and check back on deviantART and Tumblr every day starting Monday, September 1, 2014, for information on your next daily assignment! Don't forget to use #SymbioteSeptember2014 in social media, too. Spread the word!

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