Aug 22, 2014

Maximum Inversion

With Original Sin coming to a end, a new event emerges, one only known as Axis. A Red Skull Onslaught—what more could you ask for? How about the idea of a inverted hero Carnage?

Read Deadpool Vs. Carnage by Cullen Bunn on the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited App for Android and IOSThe mystery that surrounds this event is one to go down in the history books as Carnage takes on what is referred to as an inversion. When described, it comes off as though we may be seeing a Anti-Carnage, and what fun could that be? Writer Rick Spears is taking on the task of writing the 3 part limited series only known as Axis: Carnage.

Not only is Carnage returning for a limited series, but so is Spider-Man's long-time foe, Hobgoblin. With great returns and twists, this leads some to wonder if Eddie Brock may be making a appearance as Toxin. On a recent X-Men issue preview, a symbiote makes an appearance which looks like Toxin.

Since the event is a twist of the X-Men and the Avengers, anything could happen seeing as the line-up for both teams is massive. The idea of Eddie coming to fight side-by-side with a Anti-Carnage makes all of us symbiote fan boys cringe in excitement, just a little bit.

What role do you feel Cletus will play in this upcoming event? What characters would you like to see return to team up with Carnage?

Find out when Axis: Carnage #1 arrives in October.

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Mystery symbiote circled in red.

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