Aug 29, 2014

Symbiote September 2014

Hello Venomaniacs, Carnage Kids, and symbiote fans of all shapes and sizes! I am pleased to officially announce the commencement of the second annual Symbiote September art challenge. What is Symbiote September? I'm glad you asked.

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I started Symbiote September last year as an effort to increase symbiote fan community interaction by creating a month-long artistic endeavor in which participants draw an assigned symbiote character each day through the month of September using deviantART's excellent social media/portfolio platform for artists. We had a small turnout last year, as was expected, but everyone who participated had a ton of fun drawing their favorite symbiote characters and getting a chance to flex their creative muscles by making new symbiotes.

This year I'm continuing the new tradition and expanding upon it. Last year's daily character roster focused on getting into the swing of Symbiote September by drawing and illustrating fan favorite characters from the Marvel Universe. This time around, we'll be diving into the creative realm and design brand-new characters and symbiotizing other characters outside of the Marvel Universe. Again, we're retaining the one character per day format and utilizing deviantART as the primary art submission platform, but this time Symbiote September will be expanding to Tumblr as well.
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Also, Symbiote September will again be divided into two functions: the Challenge and the Contest. The Challenge is open to everyone who'd like to participate in Symbiote September at a casual capacity—meaning you can participate on whichever days you'd like. The Contest, however, is reserved to those artists who are serious in completing every day of the challenge within the time constraints for the honor of having his/her art judged by the community against his/her peers. What will you be competing for? How about having YOUR art featured on A Dose of Venom and officially recognized by The Venom Site? Sounds cool but not quite substantial, right? Try on a digital comics prize package, then! Read the rules and details for both the Challenge and the Contest below to get the full details on participation and qualification!

THE RULES (For the Challenge)

The rules of the Challenge are simple:
Participate in the Symbiote September art challenge and contest for a chance to win digital comics prize packages
Symbiote September 2014
schedule preview
  • Check the SM-WoS-FanClub group blog on deviantART or the Symbiote September Tumblr page for information on each day's featured character.
  • Sketch, draw, or illustrate the character assigned to each day.
  • Scan/take a picture of your creation.
  • Upload it before 11:59 p.m. PST* on the assigned day to:
    • deviantART: Title your new deviation "Symbiote September 2014 - Day __". Submit your deviation to the "Symbiote September 2014 Challenge" favorites collection of the SM-WoS-FanClub group. (Note: The Challenge collection allows for only 1 submission per day, per deviant. If there is a mistake or you require special arrangements, contact me via a note.)
    • Tumblr: Submit your piece as a new picture/photo upload and tag it with the hashtag #SymbioteSeptember2014 (make sure you type it exactly as it's written here!), and link it to the @thevenomsite and Symbiote September Tumblr blogs for extra exposure.
If you need a visual reference of each Marvel symbiote character, visit my Venom Family Tree deviation, Comic Vine, and the Marvel Database Wikia.

*The deadline is important for those competing in the Contest. Read past the prize listings below for more information on the deadline and how it affects you.

THE RULES (For the Contest)

The rules for the Contest are the same for the Challenge, except:
  • To qualify, you must submit all 30 character submissions during September—one for each day. 
  • Upload them to:
    • deviantART: Instead of submitting only to the aforementioned favorites collection, you will also need to submit your entries to the "Symbiote September 2014 Contest" gallery folder at SM-WoS-FanClub. (Note: You do not need to be a member of the group to submit to this folder; however, membership requests are always welcome. Also, just like the Challenge collection, the Contest folder allows for only 1 submission per day, per deviant.)
    • Tumblr: Include in your picture description, "For the Symbiote September 2014 Contest." This note will help us determine which art pieces are to be included in the feature polls.
Each day, the community will vote on the previous day's Contest entries to choose the best illustration of each day. The polls will remain open until seven days after the end of the Contest on September 30, 2014. Contestants may vote in the polls, but if you are competing, please do not abuse this privilege (i.e. creating multiple accounts and voting for your entries). Once a list of the top 30 entries has been compiled from the poll results, a panel of judges—including myself (OrionSTARB0Y) and The Venom Site—will pick two winning entries from two separate contestants for Grand Prize and the Honorable Mention Prize. What are the prizes? Here's the low-down:

One (1) GRAND PRIZE winner will receive:
  • Their winning piece featured on a special article on The Venom Site's own A Dose of Venom blog, plus the winner's autobiographical statement alongside their piece.
  • A digital comics prize package, including:
    • Official Marvel digital download codes for the complete 3-part Axis: Carnage series debuting in October (redeemable through and awarded per day of release).
    • The complete Venom: Lethal Protector series on Comixology (gifted to the winner's provided email address within seven days of the winners announcement).
One (1) HONORABLE MENTION PRIZE winner will receive:
  • Their winning piece featured on a special article on The Venom Site's own A Dose of Venom blog, plus the winner's autobiographical statement alongside their piece.
  • The complete 3-part Axis: Carnage series debuting in October on Comixology (gifted to the winner's provided email address upon each release date).
To be eligible for the prizes, you MUST draw each and every day in September within the previously mentioned parameters. Contestants must submit their entries before the daily deadline of 11:59 p.m. PST to qualify; those who are only taking the Challenge and are not competing for the prizes can upload their drawings after the deadline if they are unable to upload their drawings before then. If you are only taking the Challenge and cannot make the deadline, don't sweat it! If you're competing in the Contest and for some reason cannot upload your entry before the deadline, you will need to contact me via deviantART or Twitter (@OrionSTARB0Y) so we can make arrangements.

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That's it! That is Symbiote September for you. Excited to get drawing? Are you gunning for those excellent prize packages? Tell us below in the comments section and check back on deviantART and Tumblr every day starting Monday, September 1, 2014, for information on your next daily assignment! Don't forget to use #SymbioteSeptember2014 in social media, too. Spread the word!

Aug 22, 2014

Maximum Inversion

With Original Sin coming to a end, a new event emerges, one only known as Axis. A Red Skull Onslaught—what more could you ask for? How about the idea of a inverted hero Carnage?

Read Deadpool Vs. Carnage by Cullen Bunn on the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited App for Android and IOSThe mystery that surrounds this event is one to go down in the history books as Carnage takes on what is referred to as an inversion. When described, it comes off as though we may be seeing a Anti-Carnage, and what fun could that be? Writer Rick Spears is taking on the task of writing the 3 part limited series only known as Axis: Carnage.

Not only is Carnage returning for a limited series, but so is Spider-Man's long-time foe, Hobgoblin. With great returns and twists, this leads some to wonder if Eddie Brock may be making a appearance as Toxin. On a recent X-Men issue preview, a symbiote makes an appearance which looks like Toxin.

Since the event is a twist of the X-Men and the Avengers, anything could happen seeing as the line-up for both teams is massive. The idea of Eddie coming to fight side-by-side with a Anti-Carnage makes all of us symbiote fan boys cringe in excitement, just a little bit.

What role do you feel Cletus will play in this upcoming event? What characters would you like to see return to team up with Carnage?

Find out when Axis: Carnage #1 arrives in October.

Follow Eddie Brock's adventures as Toxin in Venom: The Savage Six and Toxin with a Vengeance! available in trade paperback collections on Amazon
Mystery symbiote circled in red.

Aug 15, 2014

Fan Casting and Plotting the Venom Movie – Part 2

Welcome to the second and final part of my fan cast and plot for the Venom movie. Last week, I assembled my dream cast for the movie, including Ryan Kwanten, Robert Knepper, and Reese Witherspoon, and set up Eddie Brock's origin story and motivation for becoming Venom. Today, I'll continue the story with how Eddie falls into becoming a villain while maintaining a thread of morality in him as he faces off against his deadliest foe.

After Ann's untimely demise due to Spider-Man's failure in stopping Cletus Kasady's murder spree, Eddie grows to hate his hero for not possessing the "venom" in his bite against crime, as he explains it in his blog, which also takes a turn for the critical. His new stance against Spider-Man wins him Jameson and his following's favors for a short while, but Eddie's hatred continues to skyrocket as his personal life begins to fall apart after Ann's death, causing him to slander against the Spider-Man with unfounded libel. Eddie takes Jameson's scathing editorials one step further, earning the Bugle a bad reputation and decreased readership all around. This gets Eddie fired and blacklisted from applying to any other news publication in New York City, which he also blames Spider-Man for.

As his financial issues continue to amass, Eddie is evicted from his apartment. Figuring he could dig up more information about Oscorp's dirty secrets and bribe them for money, Eddie uses his expired press pass to gain access into the Oscorp Tower and weasels his way around security into some of its secured labs. Just as he uncovers the Sinister Six chambers, he's caught by security and hauled off to a detention center within the building. The Gentleman interrogates Eddie about what he's seen and his purpose for being there, and Eddie remains adamant about exposing Oscorp's secrets if his demands aren't met.

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Harry observes the interrogation from behind a one-way glass wall and is so intrigued by Eddie's dedication and abandon that he enters the room to speak further with Eddie against the Gentleman's counsel. Harry pulls up the information he collected on the intruder and mentions Eddie's work in relation to Spider-Man, inquiring about his personal history with the hero. Eddie relays his story, and, touched by Eddie's absolute hatred for the wall crawler, Harry gives Eddie a choice: either work for him or be set free with Oscorp always watching over him, ready to silence Eddie with any means necessary if he ever spoke about what he saw at Oscorp. Being the smart man that he claims to be, Eddie chose the former option. (What he doesn't know is that Harry was going to have Eddie killed then and there if he chose the latter option.)

The job Harry has for Eddie is to fill the role of a seventh back-up seat for his Sinister Six utilizing an experimental body suit Oscorp had been secretly developing as a part of its slate of super soldier projects. The suit in question is synthesized from the organic tissue of an extraterrestrial species extracted from a meteorite that fell to Earth in the 1980s, which Oscorp had acquired from the United States military as part of a defense contract.

The original species was parasitic in nature, so Oscorp studied it and synthetically modified a clone of its organic structure and DNA to make it more symbiotic and relatively safe to use for humans. The suit, by nature, is highly weaponizable, as it can adapt to a wide variety of environments and absorb unique abilities and characteristics into its genetic memory. The suit only possesses two known weaknesses that, from testing, have proven to be largely irremovable from artificial means: high-frequency sonic vibrations and intense thermal radiation.

A part of Harry's plans for the Sinister Six is to publicly depose Spider-Man as a hero (this detail is pure speculation on my part), so he asks Eddie to replace Spider-Man and humiliate him by showing him up as a better superhero. Eddie seizes the opportunity to become the hero Spider-Man could never be—as he puts it, "I'll be the Venom Spider-Man lacks!" To aid Eddie in his transformation into becoming the new Spider-Man, Harry has the symbiote suit injected with the spider venom that empowered Spider-Man and cured Harry of his life-threatening disease. The symbiote suit adapts most of Spider-Man's own abilities with the exception of his Spider Sense, which it compensates for by developing the ability to cancel out the wall crawler's special ability. Additionally, Harry has the suit incorporate Oscorp's biocable (Spider-Man's webbing) into its mass, allowing it the ability to organically generate webbing stronger that Spider-Man's own—the only trade-off being that the suit has to expend its own mass to create the webbing.

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Since the suit is still in its experimental stages, Eddie is limited to 48-hour windows in which he's bonded to the suit—a safety measure to ensure Eddie and the suit's safety and status quo. (This is borrowed from the comics, in which Project Rebirth 2.0 restricts Flash Thompson to a set number of 48-hour missions to avoid the symbiote from forming a permanent bond to him.) Oscorp constantly monitors Eddie's psychology and physiology to make sure the suit isn't affecting him, but Eddie consistently lies during his psychology tests about any mental effects because he wants nothing more than to complete the tests and have his revenge on Spider-Man.

As Eddie works with Oscorp in secret testing the suit's capabilities and physically and tactically training himself to become a superhero, his personal life begins to improve. His salary as an official Oscorp employee (under the guise of a Public Relations Officer) allows him to purchase a much better apartment than the one he shared with Ann, and time enough to focus his rage against devising a plan of attack against his wife's killers as his heroic debut. He uses his resources at Oscorp to research both Cletus' and Peter Parker's profiles, learning what makes them both tick—their strengths, weaknesses, and exploitable secrets.

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Every day that passes during his training period, though, Eddie grows more and more impatient and vengeful. Eventually, he takes off with the suit against the Gentleman's orders and pursues Cletus on his own. He catches a break as he finds Spider-Man already in pursuit of the murderer. Remembering Harry's scheme to take down Spider-Man, Eddie turns his focus to apprehending Cletus; however, his rage against Spider-Man's petulance in response to the introduction of the new hero causes Eddie to selfishly lash out against the wall crawler anytime he came near to apprehending Cletus. Eddie is able wound Cletus severely before Eddie's intense emotional feedback destabilizes his control over the suit, transforming him into the monstrous Venom the fans are familiar with. (Up until this point, Venom's look resembled a fiercer looking black suit Spider-Man without the Venom mouth.) Eddie manages to wrestle back control after Spider-Man beats on him a few times, and escapes the scene.

Cletus is arrested by the police and rushed to the hospital for his fatal wounds. While on the operation table, though, the surgeons discover a detached fragment of the suit embedded within Cletus' wounds. He violently transforms into Carnage and escapes the hospital, leaving behind nearly a hundred corpses as he flees for sanctuary underground in a bestial rage.

Eddie returns to Oscorp for help, but is instead met with opposition for his defiance. He narrowly escapes with his and the suit's lives and is forced to avoid returning to his apartment when he finds Oscorp security casing the place. Knowing of no other safe place to hide, he retreats to Luna Park on Coney Island during its off-season hours in October—which used to be his an Ann's favorite vacation getaway spot in college. As he camps out within the mostly vacant amusement park, Eddie tries to regain control over the suit, which has regained its sentience after prolonged attachment to Eddie.

He learns from the suit's psychic memory projections that it was in fact the original alien species that had crashed onto Earth years before and not a synthesized copy as Oscorp led Eddie to believe, and that Oscorp essentially tortured and manipulated the creature into the abomination that it became. The process Oscorp used to domesticate the alien lobotomized it for a short period of time until it could regenerate its consciousness after prolonged exposure to a host. It wants nothing more than a kind host that won't abuse it after all it had been through and vengeance on its abusers.

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Eddie sympathizes with the alien from his own experiences with his father and Ann's death, and agrees to share his body with the alien so they can reap vengeance on their oppressors. Eddie and the symbiote create a plan of attack that would appease both of their thirsts for vengeance: Venom would play along with Harry and his plans to take down Spider-Man, figuring that the hero would have no chance at defending himself against so many enemies at once. As they all took on Spider-Man, though, Venom would systematically weaken the Sinister Six so that once Spider-Man was dead, he and the symbiote could turn on their allies and complete their revenge.

Eddie returns to Oscorp with the symbiote under the guise of surrender and tries to explain to the Gentleman that he wasn't in control of the suit when he first ran off. The Gentleman, however, is not as forgiving as Eddie had expected, and immediately forces the suit off of Brock and contains it. He then has Brock detained deep within Oscorp for studying the effects of the suit's prolonged exposure to the human body (and, in part, as punishment for Eddie's defiance and theft of company property).

Meanwhile, Cletus emerges from hiding and wanders the streets in a psychotic daze looking like Death himself—pale and gaunt. A foul voice whispers in his head, directing him where to go, and leads him to the Oscorp Tower. As he makes his way up the steps into the lobby, he's surrounded by police and security guards after concerned citizens called in about him as he walked the streets. He disobeys their orders to freeze and is mowed down in gunfire. When the police move in to confirm the kill, Cletus' pooling blood comes alive and attacks and kills his enemies while it resuscitates him.

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As Carnage, Cletus slaughters all in his path as he makes his way into the tower and down into its lower levels to find and kill the Venom suit—the spawn's primary target. Harry readies himself as the Green Goblin to take on Carnage if he reaches the laboratory where the suit and Eddie are being held. Eddie tries to convince Harry to set him free and let him bond to the suit again, believing that Venom is the only qualified combatant against another symbiote, but Harry will hear none of it. Carnage finally arrives and Harry engages him in combat, only to learn soon enough that Eddie may be right—that even as the Green Goblin, he's outmatched against Carnage. Harry releases Eddie and the suit, allowing them to bond once more to become Venom.

Long story short (you can use your imagination at this point), Venom fights Carnage and learns that Cletus' suit was spawned from his own suit as a result of Oscorp's experimentation. The spawn evolved significantly from its abomination of a parent, making Carnage stronger than Venom and more resilient against the suit's major weaknesses. The only way Venom can stop Carnage is by luring him into a vat of boiling metal (maybe lead) in one of Oscorp's ancillary factories. The extreme heat weakens Cletus' suit long enough for the metal to cool and harden, encasing Carnage in a metal prison.

Venom's success in defeating Carnage and defending Harry earns him renewed favor and his position as the Sinister Six's back-up member. Eddie takes the offer on good terms, but continues to harbor his and the symbiote's secret plan for revenge. In the end credits scene, Harry visits another secret Oscorp lab (this time outside of Manhattan), where the Gentleman updates him on the status of extracting the Carnage symbiote from the metal casing. The Gentleman confirms that both the symbiote and Cletus are still alive within their prison, and asks Harry what he wants to do about Cletus. Harry smiles, and the movie cuts to black.

Thus concludes my Venom movie pitch, but my dream for Venom's cinematic future doesn't end with his solo film! Look for a sequel to this story in my pitch for a post-The Amazing Spider-Man 3 sequel in the near future. In the meantime, tell me what you thought about my version of the Venom film. What did you like most, or what do you hope to see? What are your own plot pitches? Comment below, and if you'd like to submit your own Venom movie plot pitch and fan cast for publication on A Dose of Venom, contact us at and tell us what you'd like to write about!

Aug 8, 2014

Fan Casting and Plotting the Venom Movie – Part 1

With the recent announcements from Sony that The Sinister Six would be scheduled for a November 11, 2016 release and that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 was pushed back to 2018, and with Alex Kurtzman's word that Sony plans to release the Venom movie at least after Sinister Six in 2017, Venomaniacs are suffering another case of doom-and-gloom as Sony fumbles yet again with its production plans for the long-awaited spinoff. The original Venom movie pitch, which was never officially announced as the current iteration had been, died anticlimactically with the Sam Raimi-helmed Spider-Man movie franchise starring Toby Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, and James Franco.

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Those of us who remembered the absolute giddiness of the possibility of a Venom movie resurrecting and redeeming the embarrassment that was Topher Grace's Eddie Brock Jr. also remember that all-too-familiar empty loss as we were again cast into the void of Venom purgatory we know too well from Marvel's handling of the character in the comics.

I was, like I'm sure most other Venomaniacs were, ecstatic when clever Easter Egg hunters unearthed an official press release document from Sony within The Amazing Spider-Man 2's viral site back in December 2013 announcing Sony's plans to produce the Venom and Sinister Six movies to expand the franchise into an encompassing universe akin to the Marvel Studios cinematic universe. With the recent announcements of schedule movements and overall franchise uncertainty, the bitter sting of having the Venom movie production fall through again lingers above my head, if not any other Venomaniacs' respective heads.

Taking this news into consideration and my own anxiety for a Venom movie to become fully realized, I've decided to write up a fan cast of who I'd like to see fulfill the character roles for the move as well as a plot outline of what I'd wish to see happen in the movie. I've already deliberated my ideal plot on Twitter once before, but it needs an update with the scheduling news. Now, I know that Andrew Garfield's contract has him penned for at least The Amazing Spider-Man 3, but news is going around that Sony offered him a new contract that will have him play Spider-Man until 2020, so my pitch below is still feasible with his conclusion in the cast. So without further ado, I present to you my fan cast and plot—Part 1.

  • Eddie Brock/Venom…Ryan Kwanten (plus buff)
  • Cletus Kasady/Carnage…Robert Knepper
  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man…Andrew Garfield
  • Ann (or Anne, as misspelled by the official The Daily Bugle viral Tumblr) Weying…Reese Witherspoon
  • Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman…Michael Massee
  • Harry Osborn/Green Goblin…Dane DeHaan
  • J. Jonah Jameson…J.K. Simmons
Eddie Brock is a journalist blogger working for the Daily Bugle (canon to the viral Tumblr) and an avid Spider-Man fan. He was born and raised in San Francisco, CA by his cold and unloving father, who brought him up as a single parent after Eddie's mother died giving birth to him. His was not an accommodating childhood, and he escaped his hometown for New York City to start a new life. He attended Empire State University, where he met his loving wife, Ann Weying, and completed a Bachelor's in Journalism.

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He was fresh out of college when Spider-Man made his worldwide debut, and since then Eddie has followed his every move and praised his good deeds on his Bugle-sponsored blog, The Web Site, in friendlier and professional opposition to Chief Editor J. Jonah Jameson's own scathing newspaper editorials. He does relatively well enough and makes a decent buck from his freelance blogging, but Jameson downplays the blog so much in its promotion as to significantly restrict traffic to a select group of paid subscribers, and has stolen The Web Site's limelight for his own immensely popular editorials. Despite his blog's low ratings, Eddie passionately carries out his mission to paint the most accurate picture of Spider-Man's heroics for his audience, which he hopes will return him his much desired attention and praise.

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Eddie's married life with Ann is anything but perfect. They both fell madly in love with each other when they met in college, and married only seven months after their first date. They both support each other through and through with their careers. Ann pursued a criminal law internship after graduation with a reputable firm in Manhattan and brings in the funds that support the young couple in their fair New York loft, while Eddie trudges out a relatively meager living from his freelance career. Eddie may have won her over early on with his ambitions and charisma, but as time went on, she became disillusioned. Her work and his journalistic adventures tracking down Spider-Man keep them too busy to see each other as often as they'd like, and Ann's stress with being the primary breadwinner takes its toll on their marriage. Despite their financial issues and Ann's dwindling faith in his career goals, Eddie still loves her as much as he did when they first met.

Through Eddie's escapades following Spider-Man's story, he began to uncover the secrets of Oscorp and its connection to the hero. He was one of a few people who unearthed Oscorp's connection to Aleksei Sytsevich when the Russian mobster fought against Spider-Man in the robotic armored Rhino suit during his armed robbery (as seen at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2). Eddie's inquisitiveness and close proximity to the hidden truths of Oscorp earned him the attention of Gustav Fiers (the Gentleman), Harry Osborn's shadowy manager of the Sinister Six project. However close Eddie came to the truth, though, the Gentleman was always one step ahead of him.

When Electro broke free of the Ravencroft Institute in the events of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, incarcerated criminal Cletus Kasady used the opportunity to make an escape for himself. A true psychopath and mass murderer, Cletus narrowly dodged a death sentence when he was caught prior to the breakout, and was instead opted for research and rehabilitation at the institute by his defense attorney—a controversial case in which Ann was deeply involved.

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As soon as Cletus returns to Manhattan, he sets out on a killing spree targeting both random victims and key players to the court case that incarcerated him. Cletus is able to cleverly evade Spider-Man's grasp using his chaotic antics, and often forces the hero into making impossible moral choices to save those whom Cletus puts in immediate danger. One such situation occurs when Cletus uses Ann to escape from Spider-Man.

Eddie visits Ann at her firm in the city to take her out to lunch, but is interrupted when Cletus comes in guns blazing and mowing down the office workers. He's about to kill Eddie when Spider-Man swings in and saves him, so Cletus opts to take Ann as a hostage to make his escape. When Cletus threatens to push Ann out the window to fall to her death, Eddie leaps to save her, forcing Spider-Man to push him out of harm's way and causing Cleuts to shove her out the window. Spider-Man dives after her as Cletus makes his escape, but falters during a flashback of Gwen Stacy's death, causing him to miss saving her.

There you have it: Eddie's origin and motivating event. Check out Part 2 next week for the continuation of my plot pitch for the Venom movie, where I delve into the really fun stuff! Liking my idea so far? Have your own plot suggestions or fan casts? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Aug 1, 2014

What If Anti-Venom Met the First Mutant Messiah?

Anti-Venom and Cable have contributed many acts of heroism to the world of Marvel—Anti-Venom with his curing touch and Cable with more powers than one can imagine. The question is if these two would have met when Cable was still a carrier of the Techno-Organic Virus, could Anti-Venom have cured him?

This virus limited Cable to his abilities. He was constantly holding back the virus to stop it from fully taking over his body, but over the years this took a toll on his mutant abilities. The virus slowly drained him to the point that he is left with very few to no abilities.

Play with Cable in his best friend Deadpool's own Deadpool video game for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PCWhen Eddie Brock was touched by Mr. Negative, he was cured of his cancer but left with a symbiote reemergence he called Anti-Venom. This touch granted him new abilities, which included healing and curing people of foreign substances. With Cable being somewhat of an all-knowing time traveler seeking a cure for his disease, why did he not think of this quick fix to his long-term problem?

This also leads to questions of why Anti-Venom's healing touch was not used for others with long-term problems they wished to "cure." With Reed Richards' time traveling devices, almost anyone would be able to visit a time in the future or past when Eddie could have helped them.

Read Anti-Venom's debut in The Amazing Spider-Man: New Ways to Die digitally on Comixology for Android and iOS devices
Anti-Venom was abandoned and Eddie is now Toxin. There was talk from Cullen Bunn about bringing back Anti-Venom in Venom (Volume 2), but due to the cancellation, who knows what the Anti-Venom's future could have been?

Being two of the most popular characters of the '90s, Eddie and Nate Summers (Cable) could have been a match made in heaven, helping one another and teaming up to become one of the biggest hits out of the '90s.

We had a Deadpool vs. Carnage series, so why not a comic series in which Eddie and Nate team up? It may not be too late.

Who do you think would benefit from Eddie's healing powers? Who would you like to see Eddie team up with? Leave a comment below with your dream team!