Sep 12, 2014

Venom Carnage Film Update from Kurtzman

Alex Kutzman, the writer and director in charge of Sony's Venom Carnage (currently running title) spin-off film within its Amazing Spider-Man franchise, talked briefly with MTV on Wednesday about the highly anticipated/dreaded project. As always, it seems, Kurtzman knows how to viciously tease Venomaniacs and Spider-Man filmgoers with paltry tidbits of vaguely important information on the project, and never answers any of the important questions.

This time around, Kurtzman speaks in general about the tone and goals of the spin-off film, lending little to no leeway on revealing whether Eddie Brock or Flash Thompson will play the title protagonist.
"The idea," Kurtzman explained, "is that you can do things with Venom that you can't do with Spider-Man…Venom is the representation of every line that will get crossed…He's a much darker character."
Okay, so Venom Carnage is going to be a darker, edgier film than its predecessors. Good news, right? Well, it would've been better if he mentioned whether it will challenge the consistent PG-13 ratings of the rest of the Spider-Man films throughout the years, which would give us a clearer idea of which iteration of Venom we'd see on the big screen.

Read the complete Venom comic book series digitally on Comixology for Android and iOS mobile devicesBrock's Venom would fit the bill quite nicely in this case, but who knows where Sony would be willing to take Thompson if—Zod forbid—they chose him. (Don't get me wrong; I like Agent Venom, but I want to see Brock get his own film before Thompson as redemption from the Spider-Man 3 debacle.)

Thanks to KDrama Stars (curse that site), Brock fans received an unpleasant scare when, on the same day MTV posted Kurtzman's announcement, it announced that Chris Zylka was rumored to return as Thompson to play Venom in Venom Carnage while Brock may be reserved for a cameo in Amazing Spider-Man 3. Now, before anyone else goes jumping to conclusions, let me reassure you that KDrama Stars is merely rumor-mongering with that article. The author claims that had reported the original rumor, but after doing a little digging myself, I found no such rumor floating around at, much less in an official blog post on the site. Yes, that means Mingz Pao, the KDrama Stars author who purported the rumor, created it himself and falsely sourced as the rumor's originator. False alarm, Venomaniacs: this is just another case of bad journalism.

So to recap, just about nothing new has been reported regarding Venom Carnage this week. Kurtzman let us in on insider info anyone could have guessed and KDrama Stars lied about casting to get us all worked up. Y'know, standard Venomaniac fare. Comment below about your thoughts on the news and follow A Dose of Venom for new articles every Friday.

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